Breakfast is a moment of joy because it’s one occasion to combine parents and friends all around a table, and time you spent at the beginning of your day talking pleasantly does not matter. This is the reason why we are pleased to welcome you in a relaxing and homely atmosphere where you can start your day with the sweet smell and taste of out country. So everyday you’ll have …

traditional biscuits, delicate ricotta cakes and jam tart cooked by Sebastiano;
vaccine and pecorino cheese, both seasoned and fresh goat cheese that we prepare with our goats milk;
fresh butter and ricotta prepared with the milk that grandfather Stefano milks in the evening helped by Eleonora :-);
salami and bacon that during the winter are prepared with meat still cut by hand and ancient mixture of spices; honey, fresh fruit and dainty marmalade and jam we make by using our biological orchard output. Whatever else? Come and find out!