Il Vecchio Ginepro agriturismo Costa Smeralda
Il Vecchio
Agriturismo Arzachena Costa Smeralda

The farm holiday

The agriturismo “Il Vecchio Ginepro” is located in the ancient “stazzo” that has belonged to the current owners’ family for generations. After the first renovation was completed in 2003, the structure grew and now consists of 6 small apartments and two double rooms. It is surrounded by the countryside of Gallura, just outside Arzachena and only a few minutes away from the beaches of the Costa Smeralda.

“Il Vecchio Ginepro” is the perfect place for nature lovers, animal enthusiasts, peace seekers, beauty admirers, harmony seekers, hospitality enthusiasts, courtesy admirers, and food lovers.

The history


“Il Vecchio Ginepro” is the name of the agricultural company and the adjacent agriturismo that is located in the ancient “Stazzo” (a typical rural settlement of Gallura) of Andria Guisi, which covers 35 hectares of land in the countryside of Gallura, in the municipality of Arzachena, just a few kilometers away from the Costa Smeralda.

The “stazzo” has been owned by the family since 1936 and today, in compliance with the new regulations, the ancient traditions are still alive in the breeding of cattle, pigs, and goats.

Originally, the house was a small rural building that housed a stable and where some agricultural activities were carried out, but over the years, the house was abandoned and used only for storing fodder for the animals.

In 2001, the decision was made to recover the “stazzo” and give it a new life by transforming it into a unique experience for tourists and creating an agriturismo.

The renovation aimed to preserve the authenticity and charm of the building while providing all the necessary comforts to accommodate visitors. It took 2 years, and finally, on August 12th of the hot summer of 2003, we were able to welcome our first guests.

In two subsequent steps, the structure was further expanded, and now our house has become a refuge for many fantastic tourists from all over the world who, far from the stress and chaos of the city, can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the countryside.



Our business, which started almost by chance, has become an integral part of our lives. It is true that it absorbs a lot of energy and time, but everything is repaid by the affection of our guests, many of whom have become dear friends and whom we consider an integral part of our family. What an emotion it is when you declare that you want to return to “your home away from home”. Yes, we are incurable romantics, full of flaws and with some qualities, but we know that we have created an environment in which appearance, which increasingly dominates this world, plays only a small role. We believe in the values of family, friendship, honesty, and the pleasure of spending carefree and deeper moments together. The pleasure of confronting, discussing, and discovering that apparently distant positions all have the common denominator of the value and respect for nature, animals, legality, and authenticity.

Someone calls us ‘shabby chic’, someone else says they have found the “real Sardinia”. Roberta from Cagliari writes: “They have the ability to make you feel at home, in the family, with the sincerity that characterizes those who know the value of friendship and the culture of hospitality.” Giusi writes: “Extraordinary place for atmosphere and services. Barbara, Eleonora, and Sebastiano (ed: that’s US :-)) are a wonderful family that makes you feel welcomed, at home among traditions, scents, and atmosphere. You wouldn’t want to leave, embraced by the Junipers and the rocks of Gallura”.

Our breakfast


Breakfast is an important time to gather with family and friends, relax, and start the day with a delicious meal. To make this moment even more enjoyable, we have enriched our breakfast buffet with the authentic flavors of our local tradition. Every day we offer you a unique culinary experience:

  • Homemade jams with organic fruits from our orchard
  • Delicate cakes and traditional biscuits baked fresh every day
  • Aged cheeses, fresh goat cheese and ricotta made with milk from our goats
  • Salami, sausage, bacon, and cured meat, prepared during the winter following ancient recipes that skillfully dose blends of spices.

We are certain that all of this will make your vacation even more memorable and help you spend serene moments with your family, strengthen your bonds with your loved ones, and create new friendships.