Il Vecchio Ginepro agriturismo Costa Smeralda
Il Vecchio
Agriturismo Arzachena Costa Smeralda

Where we are

Il Vecchio Ginepro is located in the countryside of Gallura, near Arzachena, 1 km away from the town center and 1.5 km from the city’s central square.
Find below the distance to the most famous places, ports, and airports that can be used to reach us.

Main locations


the nearest sea
8 km
Algheroaeroporto Fertilia
150 km
Baja Sardinia
15 km
Costa SMeralda
12 km
8 km
Golfo Aranciporto
33 km
Olbiaportoaeroporto Costa Smeralda
22 km
12 km
Porto Cervo
15 km
Porto Rotondo
30 km
Santa Teresa di gallura
30 km

Ports and airports


aeroporticheck the airlines:
Aeroporto Costa Smeralda (Olbia)
Aeroporto Fertilia (Alghero)

compagnie navaliShipping companies and embarkation/disembarkation ports:
Sardinia Ferris (Golfo Aranci),
Moby (Olbia),
Tirrenia (Olbia),
Grandi Navi Veloci (Olbia),
Grimaldi (Olbia)


How to arrive

From Olbia follow the direction Arzachena-Palau along State Road 125 and continue for about 22 km.

From Porto Cervo/Costa Smeralda, follow the directions for Arzachena. At the entrance of Arzachena, you will encounter a roundabout: continue along the ring road towards Palau until you pass a second large roundabout. 1 km after the latter, turn left towards the locality of Candela. Continue without ever leaving the main road until you find our gate with the sign of Il Vecchio Ginepro on the right.

From Palau, follow the SS125 road towards Arzachena/Olbia. At the entrance of Arzachena, follow the directions for the ring road and continue for 1 km, then turn right. Continue without ever leaving the main road until you find our gate with the sign of Il Vecchio Ginepro on the right.

Our coordinates are: (41.072968, 9.361511)


The location of the stazzo allows a wonderful and complete views of the surrounding territory and offers  a full overview of the nearby town of Arzachena. Very close to the farmhouse you can visit both important archaeological sites (such as the Prisciona, the Tombs of the Giants) and the Mineralogic Museum with various ethnographic museums in Arzachena and the museum Galluras in Luras.

At the same time enjoyable and important is not only the knowledge of the territory, but also sports and entertainment: within 10 kilometers you find  numerous tennis courts and soccer, clay pigeon shooting, riding place, yacthing club where renting sailboats and kayaks. For those who love water sports, in Porto Pollo – 18 km – you can go windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing.

Every day boats leave from Cannigione to take you to the islands of  the Archipelago of La Maddalena. You can reach La Maddalena and Garibaldi Museum in Caprera also by yourself simply taking the ferry from Palau that is far only 12 km from our structure. 

On the Emerald Coast  one of the most beautiful seas of the world – far 15 km from our farmhouse – you’ll find social life, shopping and entertainment. From Santa Teresa di Gallura – 30 km – comfortable boarding for Bonifacio in Corsica, reachable in less than an hour of browsing.