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The crops

Our company’s crops are exclusively dedicated to producing fodder for our animals and providing healthy, genuinely organic foods for our internal needs such as olive oil, flour, and various types of fruit for our organic jams. We utilize sustainable farming methods and respect the environment in which we operate, and it’s wonderful to be able to assert that our products are genuine, pesticide-free, and free from other harmful substances. We take pride in our attention to detail and the care we put into cultivating and harvesting our products.

The crops

Our crops are closely related to our animal farming. Autumn is the season dedicated to plowing the fields where we will sow the pasture, oats, barley, and wheat.

In June, we perform the first cut of the pasture which, now hay, is packaged and transported to the barn to ensure winter forage for our cattle.

Then it’s time for barley, oats, and wheat, which provide organic meals rich in high nutritional values for our pigs and cattle.

Part of the wheat is destined to meet the flour needs of our family and agritourism. The resulting flour is much more flavorful than the flour commonly found in stores and contains a lower amount of gluten, which makes it more challenging to work with but it’s worth taking a little extra time and honing our skills in processing. On the other hand, this also means reclaiming the genuine aspects of a past that we don’t want to lose

Olive - Il Vecchio GInepro azienda agricola

The olive grove

Our olive grove is special. Don’t picture neat rows of olive trees. Instead, imagine living among centuries-old olive trees.

In the winter, we perform pruning, which can be more or less invasive depending on the year and the conditions of the plants. In December, we have the harvest, which allows us to produce a limited quantity of organic oil but of high quality.

The orchard

Our orchard allows us to have fresh seasonal produce, which we largely use to make jams and preserves. Our fruit is therefore the star of our guests’ breakfast, who will find it either freshly picked or spread on good fresh bread, or as the main ingredient in delicious pies, or paired with a taste of our own produced cheese.