Il Vecchio Ginepro agriturismo Costa Smeralda
Il Vecchio
Agriturismo Arzachena Costa Smeralda

The farm

Il Vecchio Ginepro s.r.l. agricultural company, was founded in 2015 as a transformation of the old family farm whose origins date back to the first half of the 20th century, when grandfather Sebastiano decided to buy the stazzo of Andria Guisi to make it his home and move there with his wife Pasqua and three small daughters, among whom the eldest, Pietruccia, was precisely the mother of the current owner, also Sebastiano. Today, almost a century later, 35 hectares of land divided into two large plots, plus other rented land, allow for the raising of cattle and goats in the wild and pigs in the open.
Grain crops and the widespread presence of oaks, olive trees and wild olive trees guarantee our livestock genuinely organic fodder.