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Caring for animals and cultivating the land is a passion that has driven our family for decades. The animals are raised and cared for with respect, providing them with fodder grown on the farm itself, paying the utmost attention to its wholesomeness and quality. Our animals live happily in the countryside in the wild, and it is with pride that we invite our guests to walk around the plots to see and observe them free in their natural habitat.

The cattle


Ours is a farm aimed primarily at producing excellent beef. That is why we raise mainly Limousin cows, but we also have dairy cows that can meet our milk requirements for the production of a modest amount of cheese.

Our cattle live in the wild, free to move about the land in search of pasture and shady bedding in which to shelter from even the cold winter wind. They return to the barn only once a day and only when the calves need to be suckled. This is until the calves are old enough to follow the small herd.

The pigs

In compliance with current regulations, our pigs are free range in a properly fenced plot of land, safe from possible encounters with possibly unconscious carriers of swine fever. They feed on tubers, olives and, once a day, on our own organic feed (grains) or specially purchased feed.

Despite the fact that, as in any form of animal husbandry, the ultimate goal is the production of meat and sausages, we are proud to say that our animals live a healthy life, in the open air, free to run around or lazily enjoy the sun. It is also this, combined with traditional processing, that gives our cured meats the truest taste typical of “homemade” cured meats.


Led by our goat Garibaldi, they scamper through the woods and taffoni that cover the hill of Andria Guisi, internal to our land, where you can easily find them on a hike. They are inexhaustibly on the lookout for sprouts and mixed wild herbs that make their milk delicate, easily digestible and tolerated even by those who have mild intolerances to lactose or alpha S-1 type caseins, highly allergenic substances that are less concentrated in goat milk.

This is the milk we serve for breakfast and with which we make yogurt and cheese that we serve fresh or semi-matured to our guests.

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